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Developer's statement

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The design of all residential units has been done in cooperation with experienced designers who created modern, functional housing with a distinctive character. Should you wish to change something, write to us and we will discuss possible modifications. Our aim is that you enjoy your home and feel good in it.

Project's architect

"The Klamovka Park neighbourhood is one of the most attractive locations in Prague. Providing all advantages of city housing, it also enables easy access to green spaces. This was the inspiration behind the design. The project has been divided in two parts with a different architecture. The northern side is composed of modern urban villa houses with a view of Prague, while in the southern part we have built low-rise buildings suitable for family life. The link to nature is evoked by the common garden with its unorthodox flowering meadow boasting towering trees and facades adorned in climbing vines. The two types of built-up area are divided by a public pedestrian path smoothly adjoining the Klamovka Park."

Ing. arch. Peter Jurášek, City Work Architects

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