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From Klamovka, it will take you just a few minutes to get to the centre and all amenities. You can walk to the post office, restaurant, to do the shopping, with children to school and nursery and to pub-lic transport. By tram or bus, you can get to the Smíchov Anděl with a very good connection to the city’s historical centre as well. Moreover, you can comfortably get to the outskirts or to the Praha-Smíchov railway station.

A piece of nature awaits you right behind your house. The former Klamovka Castle Park has been renowned for its beauty far and wide. Once it used to be looked after by Josef Blecha, a reputable gardener who organised the famous flower markets in Prague. The park has retained its distinctive charm up to now and still leaves its visitors in awe with its well-preserved “jewels” left by the original owners, the Clam-Gallas noble family.

The surroundings invite you to take a walk with children or a dog, have a rest with a book in the Kinský Garden, or to set out for the nearby Ladronka if you feel like jogging or roller-skating. Not far off, there are also tennis courts and the Nikolajka ice rink.

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